Fostering a sustainable future!

Epicentar implements activities and initiatives in the field of innovation, technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and investment, with the aim of ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Innovative technologies and entrepreneurial ventures are an important foundation for sustainable development


Urgent global challenges are strongly correlated with successfully commercialized Deep Tech solutions


Sustainable development goals embrace economic, environmental, and social prosperity, which are strongly linked to technological development.


Entrepreneurship is a key factor in spurring social and economic change and improving how people live and work.


The most important global pre-seed startup accelerator program.


Intensive one-year venture builder with a focus on the team, sustainability, and commercialisation.

We know what it takes to accelerate the development of innovative, Deep Tech solutions!

We create a stimulating environment for the growth of entrepreneurial initiatives and the empowerment of startups while raising social awareness of the importance of innovation, technology transfer, and sustainability.

  • We direct innovative solutions toward sustainable business models and prove the importance of technology in solving global challenges.
  • We strengthen the global impact of innovation through the identification and commercialization of innovative technologies, developed both inside and outside the academia.
  • We are strongly focused on motivating researchers and students to initiate entrepreneurial activities and increasing knowledge transfer between academia and industry.
  • We empower a compatible and functional team as the basis for the long-term implementation of innovative solutions, which significantly reduces the risk of startup failure.

We build a strong support network around the world

We are supported by regional and global facilitators of the innovative and startup ecosystem

Our initiatives result in a balanced development of crucial pillars of business opportunity.

Technology, Team, Impact, Market, IP, UVP, Finance - key elements for viable development and startup success!

Focus on


Who are the founders?

We combined knowledge and skills from innovation and sustainability and created a unique support system for the development of business opportunities.

Čolić Milosavljević

Cofounder & CEO

Dr. Nedeljko
Milosavljević, RTTP




We create and develop business, entrepreneurial, and investor networks.

Get to know the teams we work with and their innovative solutions, the development of which we continuously support and help.

What do they say about working with us?

''We decided to apply at the last minute and, although we were neither fully aware nor prepared for what was to come, that decision was definitely one of the best we made as a startup.
The program gave us the huge push we needed, excellent mentors with whom we could precisely define everything we needed at that moment and, given that we got the first investor at the very end of the program, our startup is now on the way to success and new victories.
Warmest recommendations to everyone and get ready for hard-core work you've never experienced before!''

Miloš Lukić, CEO & Founder, ReadyCMS

''Founder Institute Serbia was on my bucket list as a first-time founder, and it provided an unparalleled experience in terms of transformational value and growth as a leader. Going through the maturation and validation process in this accelerator has strengthened my conviction that I have what it takes to carry out my vision.
Those who have survived FI will tell you that "ideas are cheap." What really matters is who is behind the wheel. This is what investors invest in - leadership and execution power.
The program structure, mentorship, and above all organization provided by local directors, are the perfect blend for developing a successful founder mindset and having full support throughout the program. These intense and mentally demanding months have been well worth it.
Eat Me App is not the same as before the program. Now we do business.''

Aleksandra Lazović-Lønningen, CEO & Founder, Eat Me App

Founder Institute Serbia literally changed my life, without exaggeration. During the program, I met wonderful and capable people and gained the practical skills and confidence that I needed to finally launch my business, after several years of gradual work that did not produce results. Founder Institute will throw you into the fire and test your character, but it will also give you the strength and skills to take the plunge and become a serious business founder. The rest is up to you.

Stefan Mrvaljević, CEO & Founder, Achivr

''Founder Institute Serbia program was challenging, both in time and effort. Given that I try to be consistent with the obligations I take on, at the start there was a dilemma about whether I could follow up with all other tasks going on at the same time. But I realized that with the program, you intensively go through a lot, meet people, grow in perspectives and just stick with it, you can't lose anything, while you can gain a lot ... So all in all, it's more than valuable and recommended to challenge yourself this way!''

Andrea Mladin, CEO & Founder, Pet Travel Advisor Solutions