The support program for deep tech startups has recently started, which EPICenter, together with other project partners, implements within the ABCD initiativeThe program will last until December, and aims to provide educational and mentoring support to selected startups from various deep tech areas, and provide a safe and solid base for further growth and business development.

And who are the teams that passed the selection and that will join us in this entrepreneurial and innovative adventure in the coming period? specializes in creating 3D reconstructions of events and procedures, primarily for use in legal settings such as court cases and investigations. Their service aids lawyers, judges, and forensic experts in visualizing complex events, ultimately aiding in the pursuit of justice.

DiagnosticON is an artificial intelligence-based risk assessment system that will automate and improve the detection of early signs of serious short-term complications leading to 30-day rehospitalization after acute myocardial infarction, based on patient characteristics and ECG findings.

Perun Lab pioneers a groundbreaking technology that gives scientists an opportunity to work in the field instead of the laboratory. Their innovation, powered by specialized plates, extends its application beyond traditional labs, enabling extensive reactions, and making it a standout in the field.

GENITOR is transforming the indoor wall painting industry with AI-driven robotic solutions that automate painting tasks. They focus on commercial painting firms and large residential builders, offering a unique combination of modular design, intuitive AR interface, and intelligent autonomy. The technology aims to significantly cut labor costs and tackle the industry's skilled labor shortage.

Mediclab is more than just a simple laboratory information system (LIS). It allows Laboratory Administrators to have full control over the system, physicians to have the best working experience, and patients to have the lowest chance of errors in their test results. They are making work easier with the best results.

COMPOSMARTECH is working on the development of a smart composter, intended for processing organic waste. With the composter, they bring new technologies in waste management and in agriculture. The composter is a combination of hardware and software.

Originals Digital focuses on a basic idea - simplifying logistics. In the logistics world, people are dependent so much on phone calls, time to get offers, and racing together to find capacity. There are so many empty trucks driving around which is creating a lot of inefficiencies and waste. They are trying to help everybody optimize available truckload capacity.

We are proud of the teams we will have the opportunity to collaborate with, especially considering the diversity of industries and deep tech areas they come from. We wish everyone the best of luck in the program!

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